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Competition trays from National Button Society and NBS State Shows

Every button has its own characteristics - construction, materials, use, color, age, and origin, just to name a few - and the National Button Society has developed a button classification to help us understand our buttons better.

Since a picture continues, despite inflation, to be worth a thousand words, here's a chance to see just what the classification means and an opportunity to see some of the wondrous array of buttons that make up our hobby. These trays were all either awarded ribbons at national or state button society shows or submitted as an educational exhibit. We'd love to have your trays here for everyone to enjoy and learn from, too. Please see the submission guidelines at the bottom of this page.

State & Regional Shows
Arizona NERBA
California Nevada
Colorado North Carolina
Florida Oregon
Illinois Pennsylvania
Indiana Texas
Iowa Washington
Kansas Wisconsin
Michigan WRBA
Minnesota Creative Mounting (Various Shows)
Missouri Educational Displays (Non-Competitive) (TBD)
National Shows
Year Location
1999 Scottsdale, Arizona
2000 Omaha, Nebraska
2001 Denver, Colorado
2002 Omaha, Nebraska
2003 Richmond, Virginia
2004 Appleton, Wisconsin


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Tray Submission Guidelines

  • Any tray that has received a ribbon (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Merit) at a NBS, NBS State Society, or NBS State Society regional show may be submitted.
  • Trays should be submitted as JPEG images of sufficient size (~800 pixels wide) to be informative, and can be submitted as email attachments or URLs. Images will be copied and maintained on this site.
  • Please include the following information with your submission:
    • Year and location of the show
    • Award number and description (including Division, Section, Class, and Size)
    • Your expressed permission to post the image at this site.

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