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National Button Society Annual Show
August 8-13, 2000
Omaha, Nebraska

Links to the trays are in the last column. Click on 1st, 2nd,   3rd, or Merit.
Award Division Section Class Size Description Tray
17 IX 9-B 190 Various President's Award - Celluloid, assorted. 2nd
18 IX 19 356 Medium/Large Editor's Award - Borders, assorted materials. In honor of Shirley Hutson. 2nd
19 IX 23 45.1 Mixed Lillian Clark Rowley Memorial - Best assortment of Sections 1-22 (excluding 16, 20, and 21). Label as to section and class. Limited to those with less than 5 years in NBS or club. Merit
26 III 12 220 25 Any JHB Award - Animal life assorted, NO studio. 1st
31 I 2 12.1 Medium Golden Age, mount on acetate and label with maker's name. Represent all types. 3rd
45 I 4 13.4 Various Black glass, riveted or glued to metal back. Limited to those who have not won in this class. 3rd
49 I 6 132.2 Various Pearl and shell with cut steel embellishment. 3rd
55 I 7-B 151 20 Any Backgrounds, specialized to celluloid. 2nd
78 I 19 356 Large Borders, specialized to brass, full borders only. 2nd
90 III 3 50.1 25 Any Paperweights, try for a variety of makers. 2nd
93 III 3 50.9 30 Any Modern clear & colored glass, specialized to design under glass 2nd
98 III 9-A 178 Medium/Large Plastic specialized to snap-togethers. 2nd   3rd
99 III 9-A 179.1 Medium/Large Synthetic polymers specialized to imitation tortoise shell. Embellishment encouraged. 1st
109 III 21 370 Large Studio buttons, assorted. Must be labeled as to maker. No more than 1 per maker. 1st
133 IX 3 45 Various Clear Colorless Glass, embellishment allowed. In honor of beloved member, Stephanie Rubin 1st   3rd
136 IX 5 110 Small Enameled metal, assorted 1st
146 IX 7-A 144 Various Vegetable ivory, assorted. Memorial to Ethel Galoff. 2nd
147 IX 7-A 144 Mixed Vegetable ivory, assorted. 1st
151 IX 8 160 Various Ceramics, assorted (not to include small china). 1st
154 IX 8 166 Small Assorted china, specialized to 21 blue and 21 brown. The color may be body or pattern. 3rd
159 IX 9-A 171 + 172    Large Clear and colored transparent plastics, type of plastic not a consideration. 3rd
162 IX 9-A + 9-B    170 + 190    25 Any Synthetic polymers and celluloid specialized to those imitating other materials. Label as to material imitated. Try for as many materials as possible. 1st
182 IX 12 225.1 25 Any Cats, domestic. Memorial to Mow Mow 1st
184 IX 12 225.3 Various Dogs, assorted materials. 3rd
186 IX 12 225.6 25 Any Wild cats, may include people. 1st
187 IX 12 226 25 Any Reptiles, specialized to 10 snakes, 10 turtles, 5 free choice 1st   1st
194 IX 13 243 25 Any Flowers, specialized to bouquets, 2 or more flowers. Limit of 5 studio buttons. In honor of Ronnie Wexler. 1st
196 IX 13 243.3 Various Roses, assorted materials. In memory of Grace Durig 2nd
205 IX 15 283 Various Oriental subject matter specialized to people 1st
210 IX 17 321.25 25 Any Patterns specialized to basketweave. 1st
212 IX 19 351.1 Various Sew-throughs, assorted materials. Try for a varied number of holes 1st
214A IX 19 351.2 Mixed Whistles, assorted materials. 1st
215 IX 22 394.9 Medium Livery specialized to crest depicting arms or hands holding things. Try for a balance between silver and yellow metals. 2nd


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